Dahab Learning to Dive Family Holiday

Sheona Small from Glasgow, Scotland, booked a Learning to Dive in the Red Sea family holiday with BAOBAB Travel in April 2007. The family, mum, dad and 4 children (two of which under 12 years old) stayed at Inmo Divers Home in Dahab, where 4 people did a PADI Open Water scuba-diving course and the 9 years old a Bubblemaker dive.

We had a great holiday and have returned chilled, sunned and, in some cases, as qualified divers.

It is hard to pin down and identify the most memorable or exciting part of our holiday. Most memorable was certainly the Bedouin beach shelters; the hospitality; the friendliness; the great, and very patient dive instructors; great food; yoga on the roof at sunrise; my kids on camels; my son playing football with the waiters; and the calls to prayer over the loudspeakers, are just a few of the great memories.

We felt that our holiday benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment. Inmo seems to have a good relationship with local Bedouins and appeared to offer its support by organising activities, which supported rather than exploited.

Sheona Small’s children enjoying themselves in Dahab

This is not a holiday for anyone looking for the familiarity and reassurance of a 5* chain or hotel, but what it may lack in ‘luxury’, it more than makes up for with charm, character, and hospitality. And, of course, the diving is brilliant. However, it was low season when we were there and I gather it can get very busy in high season Sept-Nov. If you’re looking for lots of fun and activities with a bit of adventure, then it’s a definite yes.

You can never please all the people all the time – but with two adults and four kids of 15, 13, 11 & 9, this holiday managed to be a big hit with 5 out of 6, so counts as a big success in my books (and the 13-year-old who wouldn’t class it as great still had a good time when he was left back at the hotel while the rest of us went diving!). I’ve attached a few low res pics that capture some of the atmosphere.

Bubblemaker dive


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