Mozambique Scuba-Diving Holiday

Natasha & Roland Oakshett from London in the UK booked a beach and scuba-diving holiday with Baobab Travel in March 2008. As experienced divers they opted for an off-the-beaten track destination and travelled to fantastic Guludo Beach Lodge in Quirimbas National Park in the far north east of Mozambique.

They travelled to Pemba (Mozambique) via Jo’burg in South Africa. However you can also reach this remote beach location via Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania and combine Guludo with e.g. safari in Selous Game Reserve.

The most memorable part of our holiday was the diving. We went out to scuba dive a couple of times and managed to swim with both turtles and dolphins, and in between tanks we had a whole desert island to ourselves – well, my husband and I, and one of the dive masters sharing it with a coconut crab and some terns!

Guludo Beach Lodge really seems to be quite isolated from the hustle and bustle of things, so you really feel like you’ve got away from the beaten track. It does take quite some time to reach the lodge due to there being no airstrip, but that does enable you to enjoy a road trip to take in to the local sights, which is always fun… bring a football for each time you step out of the car and you’ll soon have plenty of people to keep you company!

Guludo Beach Lodge had clearly undertaken work to integrate itself into the community to give people around the lodge the opportunity to become involved with the visitors to the lodge, including working as staff. The lodge also worked on unrelated projects with the local community to help funding of local handicrafts as a small money making venture. When we went out on dives we were also told about the proposed conservation projects for the area and the species sampling and reef surveys they are already involved in. Each of the bungalows had information about how the lodge aimed to minimise its impact on the local environment, i.e. having composting toilets, using local goods only etc, and there was also information about the projects the staff were involved in. Each staff member was well versed in what the lodge’s aims were for community support and minimal environmental impact.

Nema Foundation project that bought new desks for the local school

We had a really good holiday – but made even better by the fact the lodge was empty or virtually empty for most of our stay, so we had a good chance to talk to the staff and really enjoy being out in the middle of no-where.


One thought on “Mozambique Scuba-Diving Holiday

  1. It has been a few years since Natasha and Roland stayed at Guludo Beach Lodge, and since, they have gone from strength to strength. They have converted all tented bandas to Adobe bandas and built additional Adobe bandas as well as a family and honeymoon suite.

    In terms of their sustainability and social responsibility they have excelled themselves. In 2010 only, they collected five international awards, including two Condé Nast Traveler World Savers Awards (Poverty Relief and Small Resorts & Lodges), the TODO! Award for Socially Responsible Tourism, and the highly acclaimed Travel & Leisure “Global Vision Award 2010”.

    The owners of Guludo Beach Lodge also established the Nema Foundation to work in the areas around the lodge to achieve their charitable goals. Nema currently works with 12 communities around Guludo (approx. 15,000 people) and some of its current activities include feeding 800 children one nutritious school meal every day, providing clean water to over 12,000 people from 30 water points, providing over 7,000 mosquito nets to mothers of young children, and currently fund 89 Secondary School Scholars.

    Fantastic work Guludo! You are definitely one of the best examples of sustainable tourism and how tourism can have positive impacts on local communities.

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