Customer Reviews

We encourage all our customers to provide us with feedback when they return from their holidays and are fortunate enough to receive mostly positive feedback. However we take all feedback very seriously and endeavour to follow all comments from our clients up and provide them with an adequate reply.

Please submit your feedback by completing our TWO online questionnaires:

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It will honestly only take a few minutes!

A fair number of people write a little story about their experience and some even send us pictures. This is not only fabulous for us to hear back from our clients, but it is also valuable information for potential customers. Hence, if you are willing to write about your recent Africa experience with BAOBAB Travel, we are only more than happy to post your story here. Please provide us with a picture of yourselves on holiday to make the review even more exciting :-).

For Country Specific Reviews from existing customer, please chose a country from the list below, or view all our Customer Reviews.


South Africa